Strawberry Rose Petal Pancakes!!!!!!!!! (w/ vegan ***substitutions)




  • Diced fresh strawberries (placed on paper towel to drain excess moisture)

Extra butter for cooking.

How To:

Preheat pan to medium. Melt the butter. 

Put vinegar into milk. Let sit while getting dry mix together (it will become thick don’t be alarmed – basically homemade buttermilk). Add all dry ingredients to a bowl and stir with a whisk to combine. 

Once milk is soured add in egg + egg yolk, vanilla, rose water, almond extract, and melted butter. Whisk to combine. 

Add wet to dry and mix until just mixed. Don’t over do it or the pancakes will be tough. 

Dollop out small portions into preheated pan (the residual butter from melting some for the batter will suffice for first batch – add a  bit more for additional batches). Usually 3 small pancakes will work depending on size of pan. Leave at least an inch of room between as the batter will spread. Sprinkle on some strawberries. Cook in pan with butter til bubbles form. Flip. Cook til Side B is golden. 
Serve with REAL maple syrup. No need for extra butter they have butter in them and are cooked in butter!

NOTE: Sorry I don’t have a pic of the final product plated because we were in a rush getting ready for the boys art class and we scarfed those cakes o’ pan in a flash! 


***To make vegan  you can sub almond milk, coconut oil, and chia egg. 

Additional Toppings:

Crushed pistachios or toasted almonds, honey & rose water whipped cream or honey sweetened cream cheese, fresh strawberries. Sometimes I will also heat up the maple syrup in a small sauce pot and melt/whisk a dollop of strawberry jam into it. YUM. 



Rose petals, pink Himalayan salt and coconut palm sugar up in the dry spelt mixture!


Diced fresh strawberries losing some of their excess moisture.


Pancakes making your whole house smell amazing and your neighbours jelly!

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