Breakfast Burrito: Chorizo & Cuban Blackbeans (with Veg alterations)

I LOVE BREAKFAST! In particular: breakfast sammiches (yes sandwiches) and burritos have a special place in my heart because you can eat them on-the-go!

I have tried just having a smoothie or granola for breakfast countless times but then I usually end up eating a gigantic lunch and dinner because I get sooooooo hungry! Whenever I eat a high fat high protein breakfast it keeps me going all day! And so long as you  have some fibre and veggies and/or legumes all up in there – well, then,  it’s good in my books!


  • Good quality Tortillas covered in foil and warmed in oven (I love the ones by Indian Life which have a nice chewy texture)
  • Homemade or good quality pre-made Cuban Black Beans .
  • Oaxaca Cheese shredded (can sub Monterey jack but it won’t be as amazing)
  • Fresh Chorizo Sausages*cooked (40 minutes on med/low with a drizzle of olive oil in pan. Then slice in half carefully so you don’t get sprayed with hot fat… and brown the inside to make sure cooked all the way through and to get a nice crispy edge)
  • Plain Omelette** (eggs whisked with salt & pepper cooked in butter or olive oil til set)
  • Seasoned pan fried or oven roasted Hash Browns (fresh or frozen is fine, but if using frozen try to find a brand that has a few ingredients as possible aka just potatoes!) Seasoned can mean: salt & pepper or paprika & garlic  or oregano & onion… whatever floats your boatato.

* To make vegetarian sub avocado and/or sauteed poblano peppers for the sausage. Or vegan chorizo-style faux sausage. 

** Further, to make vegan sub baked or pan fried tofu for the omelette. Or simply leave out. And sub vegan cheeze for the Oaxaca or simply leave out and add more veggies!

How To:

Cook everything and wrap up in tortillas burrito style. Serve with hot sauce and sour cream and whatever else you feel like!



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