White Vinegar is AMAZING – Non-Food Uses I Wish I Knew About Years Ago!

We have water efficient appliances which means they need to be cleaned often and sometimes they simply don’t use enough water to do the job as well as is needed. Especially with small kids and large cats! And well with someone (ME) that likes to cook all sorts of food including pan seared fish skin! Crispy browned fish skin tastes delicious in a sushi roll or simply on the edge of a nice Black Cod fillet. So goooood.

But wow does the dishwasher not like it at all! Even with rinsed and scraped plates. No no no. Let’s just say there was this one week where the dishes kept coming out smelling of fish and sports socks. I didn’t understand what the heck was going on. I re-washed them a few times, I cleaned the filter with abandon, and to no avail. We even renamed it the fishwasher that week – which made me laugh and cry and then cry some more! First world problems yes – but annoying none the less. The internet said I could use lemon oil but that didn’t seem like it would attack the actual problem. Just mask it. But then the google said I could try white vinegar! And voila! That would also attack any weird bacteria or what not that decided to join the party. Now I always drop in some white vinegar when washing post fish dinner dishes. Or if it’s a particularly grease laden set of dishes. Or it’s been a while since I cleaned the filter and I’m in a rush before I can get to it and just need to run the thing.

How To:

Stinky Dishwasher:

Pour 1/3 – 1cup of white vinegar into bottom of dishwasher – depending on how stinky it is – before pressing ON. Use dish tab as you would.  They should come out smelling fresh! If it’s really bad run a cycle with vinegar without dishes. Once the washer smells normal again then add back in the fishes (dishes! dishes!) and wash with vinegar as well. YAY problem solved.

Stinky Laundry:

So sometimes kids have accidents or sometimes you have cats that do gross things to your clothes or sheets (if it was a really bad case – I would add Nature’s Miracle). Anyway. Same thing here. Add some white vinegar in with your regular laundry detergent. I have only tested this with liquid detergent so keep that in mind before trying it with dry! It might bubble up like a science volcano WOOOOOOSH!!!. Anyway if it’s really bad add about a cup. If it’s so-so try half a cup and so forth. In really bad cases you may have to wash the laundry twice. But the vinegar should take care of it by the second time.

Stay tuned for further uses of this super useful and super CHEAP everyday product!

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