Banana Milk!

The boys love this. It’s great to make when you have scant smoothie ingredients (the boys ate all the berries in one sitting!) and/or you are in a major rush and need to get some nutrition into your kids or yourself stat! Literally blend a few cubes of ice with some milk or almond milk, a banana, a tiny bit of vanilla and a few dashes of cinnamon. It kinda tastes a little like Horchata – which the boys also love – except without the sugar! Who knows maybe if you used rice milk and threw in a little left over plain rice to this it could be even more Horchata-esque?!

Sometimes I add in a scoop of hazlenut butter and a pinch of cocoa powder to make it extra special and add more protein/healthy fats power! If the kids complain it isn’t sweet enough you can use your discretion by adding a tiny bit of honey or by using a sweetened vanilla or chocolate almond milk in lieu of the plain or unsweetened.

Can play around with this alot. The boys also love cardamom in this with a dash or rosewater.Β  You could also do this with avocados I’m sure. Maybe try with a tiny bit of peppermint extract in lieu of vanilla to make them think the green colour is mint πŸ˜‰ and skip the cinnamon.

You could also probably also make an egg free Nog type beverage by adding some nutmeg to the cinnamon and vanilla. And some spiced rum if you are of age of course πŸ˜€

Will be adding some actual smoothie recipes down the line too. I am just usually cooking breakfast at the same time and forget to snap the pix.

Banana Milk!

Banana Milk!

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