Two wonderful (non-food) uses for TAPIOCA STARCH!

So it all started with my having many-times-dyed hair. It’s been a thing with me since I was 12.I have changed my hair about 5 gazillion times. It’s been platinum blonde, hot pink, pastel pink, peach, mint, silver, turqoise, black, chocolate brown, candy apple red, auburn, strawberry blonde, honey blonde, black & white, orange, neon aquamarine, green… you get the exhaustive picture. To combat all this hair madness I don’t wash my hair that often. The natural oils are good for it. And I try to use decent shampoos when I do wash it (maybe twice a week). The more natural the better, without parabens, SLS and all that other crap. As well since giving birth to my son, well I have had very sensitive skin to the point where I just couldn’t use the regular stuff (salon quality or not) if I even wanted to. As well the usual hair thinning that occurs post partum… well, I didn’t really enjoy pulling large wads of hair out every time I washed it. So I wanted to leave it alone as much as possible.

So instead of spending oodles of money on a natural dry shampoo, which at that time, I couldn’t even find in any stores…. I did some research on natural home made alternatives. Some said corn starch and a mixture of cinnamon and cocoa for darker or reddish hair. I tried this and ended up with a scalp that smelled nice but looked like I had a baking mishap, but my hair wasn’t greasy so it did sort of work.

Then I looked in the pantry and saw I had tapioca starch which I occasionally used to thicken a sauce. And thought AHA! You have to dust it on and then brush it through thoroughly otherwise you will look like you are wearing a Victorian powdered wig. And just put it where you need it. Roots and bangs are the main offenders. This buys you a few extra days of non-washing happiness.

For a busy mom it’s great. I only have to style my hair twice a week and then brush through the tapioca as maintenance! And it’s getting healthier and softer all the time. Happy to say I also have a bunch of regrowth to boot! I love my little awkward tufts of hair poking out in every direction.

Now of course I am not a doctor, hair stylist nor naturopath, therefore I cannot advise you in this regard. I just found it worked for me and wanted to share my story. What you do is up to you đŸ˜‰

That said, I have found personally, that it also makes a great baby powder alternative. The natural ones are super pricey and the non-natural ones… well I wouldn’t use them on my babe (especially talcum – just google it – yuck), but that’s just my two cents.

Who knows maybe it could be good as a foot powder to keep feet dry in shoes on hot summer days…There must be some other ways to utilize this inexpensive natural starch.

Tapioca… more like Happy-oca

(Mom jokes awwwww yyyyyeah)

Natural, cheap and awesome!

Natural, cheap and awesome!

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