Brekky Sammiches: The Meaty Ones…..

I am obsessed with breakfast sandwiches.

But they are so easy – that I am just going to make a Meaty Page and a Veggie Page and will update as I add new ones to them. I won’t show the step by step in photos,  just the end product with instructions for any part of the process that is a little more involved. So here is my first entry. it was pretty tasty although the man of the house left for work mere minutes before it was completed and thus wasn’t here to help me eat it. I am struggling with it let me tell you. This will be a two tea affair.

Tuscan Sausage, Havarti, Garlic/Pesto/Basil Mayo, Over Easy Eggs, Cracked Pepper, Chili Flakes on Baguette.

How To:

Cook the Tuscan sausages (the large kind like bangers, brats or Italian – you could sub any of these actually) in a pan on medium/low for 40 minutes – do NOT poke holes in them. Warm baguette in oven with cheese on to get all crusty warm and melty once sausages are full cooked. Mix mayo, minced garlic, fresh or dry basil and a teaspoon of pesto if you have it kicking around. Cook eggs over easy. Assemble by slicing sausages in half length ways. Nestle against the melted cheese. Top with eggs. Dollop on the mayo and twist on some cracked pepper and dash chili flakes. ENJOY.

Note: I think mozzarella, fontina or provolone would’ve been nicer than havarti for this. But it did the job. And I failed to complete the mission. Argh. I made it just over half way through. Sorry sammich I tried! I hate wasting food but my body is not a garbage disposal and no use making myself feel awful for the day. Well at least I can compost it!

Tuscan Sausage Havarti Garlic Pesto Basil Mayo Over easy eggs

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